Frogland Toadex
The timeline of NewPangea's progress.

8/14/21 - Frogland spawned it's discord server
8/14/21 - Partnership with Gutter Cat Gang and Wicked Craniums announced
8/24/21 - Snoop Frogg presented to the United Nations discussing Frogland, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other emerging tech
8/27/21 - Edge of NFT podcast dropped
9/10/21 - Presale minting for Notorious Frog NFTs begins
9/11 - 10/6/21 - First FRPG story arc: Murder at the Dragonfly Social Club
9/12/21 - Public sale goes live
9/17/21 - "3...2...1... Leap!" Medium article released
9/27/21 - Art revealed, sold out unminted frogs in less than 9 hours
10/1/21 - Notorious Frogs verified on OpenSea
10/3/21 - "The Birth of NewPangea" medium article released
10/4/21 - NewPangea game development started with Dream Reality Interactive (DRI)
10/7 - 10/14/21 - Second FRPG story arc: Buying A Casino Ain't Easy
10/18 - 10/22/21 - Third FRPG story arc: Is That Sugar On My Taco?
10/19/21 - "Unstoppable Frogs" medium article released
10/28 - 11/11/21 - Fourth FRPG story arc: Henchfrogs, Warlocks, and Potions - Oh my!
11/7/21 - First alpha art drop from DRI
11/10/21 - Female frog character art released
11/22/21 - Toadex released into the wild!
12/3/21 - Partnership with 0N1 Force announced
12/19/21 - News of demo leaked in Discord Town Hall
12/22/21 - News of demo leaked out to general public
12/26/21 - PC version of the Dragonfly Social Club metaverse demo released to community
1/27/22 - Announced partnership with Hyypeโ€‹
2/7/22 - Slimy Salamanders scuffle with Shrimp, sending sticky scattered map shreds soaring (start of Frogland Map quest within the discord)
2/14/22 - Mac version of the Dragonfly Social Club demo released
2/19/22 - First ever Scratch Track Saturday hosted in the Frogland discord with Sapo Studios
2/20/22 - Flycatcher joins the full time Frog Team
2/21/22 - All Frogland map pieces successfully recovered and pieced back together by three different groups of ten frogs total - awarded the Cartographers role, status, and legendary item. Frogland map released to the community.
2/28/22 - "Property Mechanics in NewPangea" medium article released
3/3/22 - Lollihops community management presentation at Creative UK
3/13/22 - LilyPAD art demo videos released to community in photorealistic and toon styles
3/13/22 - "Spoiler Alert" medium article released
3/17/22 - Frogland merch goes live at Maddiesโ€‹
3/20 - 3/26/22 - Game Developers Conference 2022
3/23/22 - Lollihops speaks on panel "What The Fungible" at GDC
3/26 - 4/3/22 - NFT LA
3/31/22 - Frogland party co-hosted with Party Animalz, Nomad BLVD, Metanoise, and NftyTunes
4/13/22 - "Notorious Frogs: The Essence of Frogland" medium article released
4/19/22 - "A Frog of a Different Ribbit" medium article released
4/21/22 - The first episode of All Chill No Shill, a podcast created by one of our Froghodlrs, Spot, released featuring Flycatcher.
4/25/22 - Demo interview and review by DIY Investing hits YouTube
4/26/22 - "The Webbed Hands of Injustice" medium article released
4/30/22 - First Legendary Frog Drumma Boy joins Sapo Studios for Scratch Track Saturdays
5/2/22 - "You Are The Main Character" medium article released
5/3/22 - Spanish translated version of the Toadex published by one of our stellar mods, El Sapo
5/10/22 - "Organized Crime: What Better Way to Hop?" medium article released

June 18th - Froghodlr land deed claim and public land sale
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