Santa Frog Imposter Commands

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Ahhh...bribe or bounty, the classic prisoner's dilemma! Read carefully:

You can $take-the-bribe or $refuse-the-bribe. If you and your NPC fren BOTH choose to $refuse-the-bribe, you two will bring the obstreperous Santa Frog in and claim the bounty together, or you can BOTH choose to $take-the-bribe and split it. Here's the catch: you have two options, as does your NPC fren, leading to four possible outcomes - and you don't know what choice the NPC will make.

๐Ÿธ If you BOTH $take-the-bribe, you'll get a larger Fish Scale bribe, but have to split it with your fren and Santa Frog goes free.

๐Ÿธ If you BOTH refuse-the-bribe and bring him to the FLPD, you and your fren will each get a bounty from the FLPD (the FLPD toads are just so happy to not have to do any work themselves), taking one Santa Frog imposter off the streets.

๐Ÿธ If YOU $take-the-bribe and your NPC FREN $refuses-the-bribe, you'll get the bribe, lose a fren, and Santa Frog goes free.

๐Ÿธ If YOU $refuse-the-bribe and your NPC FREN $takes-the-bribe, you will have a very sticky situation on your hands...

You cannot communicate with your fren, suggest he behave a certain way, or predict the choice heโ€™ll make. Hazards of making questionable frens ;)

REMEMBER: if you turn the Santa Frog into the FLPD, one imposter will be off the streets of Frogland...meaning one response will be removed from the $find/catch/trap commands for each imposter turned in.

You have 60 seconds to make your choice, once the game begins.

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