What If I Don't Want To Play?

For those Froghodlrs who may be wondering if Frog value accrues if you arenโ€™t interested in participating in the tokenomic gameplay, we have good news! The gameplay mechanics and options are designed to balance the scales, so you do not need to play the game to gain tokens and accumulate value.

There will never be more than the 10,000 Notorious Frogs, so their value will increase with the demand for more player avatars and the main character benefits specific to the Frogs. Frogs and/or their lilyPADs can be rented out, opening up economic opportunities that donโ€™t require frequent or active participation.

Frogs โ€” all Notorious Frogs โ€” have an elite status and, therefore, an advantage. As the main characters and avatars of Frogland, each Notorious Frog emits an Essence token โ€” a token exclusively available to a Frog holder. Essence tokens enable unique in-game utility or access, and other advantages that are still being designed.

The Essence and lilyPAD resource tokens will be emitted continuously and will accumulate without any active participation from the holder though a persistent, baseline accrual mechanic. That persistent accrual process allows the holder to sell or trade their token emissions to other players.

As with all things, balance is key. We are working to create a playing field that is not only fun but that offers opportunity and gain to all who choose to join no matter when or how.

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