Frogland Toadex


Frog Role Playing Game
The FRPG is a text based, Dungeons and Dragons style RPG played out in the discord (and very soon, in the Dragonfly Social Club demo of Frogland!). This gameplay format - run by Dungeon Masters on staff - is used to run through different quests, narratives, and story arcs to be interwoven into the canon of Frogland. When either a single person or group of community members has struck upon an idea they would like to see come to fruition on a larger scale than just in their individual character arcs in the metaverse, our DMs, and our internal narrative team create a storyline curated to play out over several FRPG sessions.
These sessions lead the players down a path riddled with traps, obstacles, and rewards to both challenge and galvanize the players into refining their ideas into nuggets of gold. This not only creates an environment where people can find their characters and bring them to life, but also builds and improves relationships both between community members and with the team. This viewfinder into what drives our community is what makes our vision for elevation, empowerment, and true co-creation of creators, thinkers, and artists in Frogland and NewPangea come to life.