🔮Fortune Telling

Managed by Unkown Magicks, Madame Chirpira is a fortune teller of unknown authenticity. She is frequently found hanging around #The-Hexagon, the arcane brewery in the Frog Worts neighborhood.


If you ask her for a reading, Madame Chirpira will list her available services and what mystical realm she can look into to discover the answers you seek.


By reading the lines crossing your froggy palm or the shape of your hand, Madame Chirpira will give you a fleeting glimpse as to what your future may hold.


Every living being has a colored aura hovering about their presence, if one has only opened their inner eye enough to see it. What color your aura is each day tells a lot about your mood and intentions.


The stars and constellations in the sky above Frogland are not the same as those above Earth. Madame Chirpira is taking a spiritual journey to learn the new constellations and their meanings to be able to read each frog's horoscope correctly.


Her favorite and perhaps most intimidating skill...reading tarot cards. The cards can be interpreted in different ways, so sometimes it depends on her mood what a certain card will say...but they always seem to come to pass, no matter how strange.


Using powers beyond the Kown to cross over into the aethereal plane, Madame Chirpira calls out to spirits beyond the mortal ken, sometimes even connecting with those who should be left undisturbed.

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