Chapter 4

The Alchemist's Guild

The adventurers head towards the guild, knowing the only way to reach it is through a dangerous mountain pass only accessible on foot. As they walk through the pass, three cloaked figures suddenly appear and attack! Luckily, Hyptnotoad snuck up behind and was able to take one out immediately. While the frogs fight the remaining brigands, a glass bottle smashes with a voice appearing out of seemingly nowhere โ€œNot to worry travelers - this shall be over soon - HAHAHAHA - ahem - ahahaโ€. A yellow robed frog appears, with the brigands vanished and the one that was taken out now turned to stone. The yellow robed frog continues, โ€œYou are all very lucky I was here indeed ... good thing I went out to look for thunder newts. Wonder what the Pond of Assassins are doing up in my neck of the woodsโ€. The frog reveals himself to be Sir Toadibauld Archbelly, Grandmaster Alchemist.

The grand alchemist knows not of any Jimmy "The Knee", but considering the frog seems to be an expert in transfiguration, he may know why Jimmy appeared to have two different faces, and if the other face is the one that appeared to Archbelly. Froggy Fresh decides to give the alchemist the mushroom he has from the crime scene to see. He pours the adventurers tea and takes the mushroom to his back room.

Froggy Fresh makes a bold move and drinks the tea, feeling absolutely amazing! The rest of the frogs besides Sir Croaksalot decide to drink the tea as well. The grandmaster returns, indicating the mushroom appears to have magnetic properties, indicative of being some type of key. The frogs who drank the tea seem to be experiencing some hallucinogenic effects. Some of the frogs are dropping like flies (pun intended), passing out seemingly from the effects of the tea. The grandmaster indicates the only way the tea reacts that way to frogs is if theyโ€™re holding mal intentโ€ฆ

A blue robed frog scurried over the grandmaster, whispering something including โ€œGanjuโ€ and โ€œtransformationโ€. Does this frog know more than he lets on? Just as that conversation ends, the frogs who passed out have awoken. The grandmaster indicates that through his research, the Ganju Grand Alchemist got ahold of a Frogland scroll and the results could be catastrophic. The scroll could allow someone or something to completely change their appearance. The grandmaster leaves to figure out a countermeasure and summons a portal to send the adventurers back to town. Everyone goes through the portal besides Sir Croaksalot and Hypnotoad. What do they know?

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