Syndicate Bribes For The Planning Commission

Safety in numbers.

The Planning Commission has one predictable pattern: it will give Syndicates and Syndicate members priority in exchange for bribes. This means your chances of getting what you want from a Planning Commission improves if you are not a singleton, but a member of a group.

Bribes are competitive. More money is more attractive to a bribable entity or character MOST times, but other factors can affect which bribes a Planning Commission may accept. What the Forest Planning Commission may think is a valuable bribe might not match with what the Desert Planning Commission might desire, and this should be taken into account when determining the bribe type, amount, and specificity of tokens offered.

When a bribe is accepted by a Planning Commission, you will jump the queue - if declined, your bribe will be returned, and you’ll have to wait in line, remove your belt and your shoes, and make sure to separate your laptop from your carryon.

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