Frogland Toadex

The Fuzz

Information about the Frogland Police Department and the Frogland Bureau of Instigations.

Frogland Police Department (FLPD)

Of course, these frogs don't see much action. Why, one might ask? Well, mostly because they're too busy taking bribes and counting their warts to be bothered with catching any criminals. Especially when the Notorious Frogs are immortal, who really cares about petty crime anyway?

Frogland Bureau of Instigations (FBI)

Even though the FLPD doesn't take their job seriously, the FBI does. These toads are here to catch flies and kick ass, and they're all out of flies. Even with such relatively high morals, corruption is still rampant, so there's a solid chance you can still get out of the worst of your notorious deeds, but only if you know which palms are the right ones to grease...