Froxford Froglish Dictionary

The Froxford Froglish Dictionary, contributed to primarily by Rocky 'TadpoleFace' Wartoni and Frogface Shilla. This is another living document - find this thread under the Ideas channel in our Discord

Aardfrog - A long snouted anteater type frog.

The Big Leap - Death.

Fly - Unit of consumption. Also, Frogland basic monetary unit.

Frod - A name for the creator of Frogland and NewPangea; the supreme being. _(Origin: A Frog Named Spot)_e-

Frogbo - Expensive luxury sports car, often used in popular reference to possibility of future wealth. "Wen Frogbo?"

Frogbrary - A collection of books mostly written in Froglish.

Frogcophagus - Ornate coffin usually made of stone.


Frog-fu - A primarily Chinese material art form resembling Karate. (Origin: Machine Gun Croaky)

Froggin' out (slang) - To perform an action or display a behavior that contradicts your normal frogsona (see frogsona). "Froggers were cool to me in the gardens at first, but now they froggin' out and always tryin' to $rob and stick me for my fly papers." Also, an amazing A Frog Called Quest song.

Froggspeare - The great Froglish writer who once said "It is better to have twerked and lost than to never have twerked at all."

Froggystyle - The way in which a frog or group lives. "I've done did a lot of sh*t just to live this here froggystyle; we came straight from the bottom, to the top, my froggystyle." - Rich Frogg / Young Toad

Frogical - Accurate and in accordance with Frogland lore, social etiquette, and ethos.

FrogLin - Monks of the frogendary temple of frogLin can do extoadinary feats.

Froglish - The district-wide language of Frogland.

Frogmatic - Dealing with things frogalistically.

Frogonicity - The coincidental occurrence of events, especially psychic events. Also, a great Police album circa 1983.

Frogset recorder - a tiny, pocket sized frog that recites a recording if you rub it's belly, though they do tend to jump between pockets from time to time. (Origin: A Frog Named Spot)

Frogtricide - The act of killing a frog in one's own family.

Good Ribbit - Used to express a greeting or an acknowledgement of parting in Frogland. _(Origin: Snoop Frogg)_r

Hop-house - Prison. "We best be careful, else we'll end up in the hop-house."

Hopped up - Full of enthusiasm or excitement; being under the influence of a laced insect - usually a fly. "Look at those froggers freaking out the patrons all hopped up on crushed black fly."

Hopper Squad - Men with machine guns.

Jumptails (slang) - Racehorses. "I lost 200 flies on the jumptails last night."

Ilfrogical - The opposite of Frogical.

Paddler - Dealer or peddler. Usually associated with the profession of dealing drugs (dope paddling).

Ribbitulous - Ilfrogical, although of a humorous nature.

Sapo de otro pozo - Spanish; literally, "frog from another well." The feeling of being out of place. (Origin: El Sapo)

Tad (slang) - A Frogland newb.

Toadal Wave (slang) **** - An exceptionally large ripple or wave in a pond. Also, a widespread or overwhelming manifestation of an emotion or phenomenon. "A toadal wave of $crime plagued Frogland."

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