📜Lore Specific Commands

Commands that have specific relevance to the Frogland community and the goings on in Frogland, either IRL or in-game.

Get the latest edition of The Daily Splat!

Command: $buy daily

This will purchase the latest edition of The Daily Splat in discord for 50 Frogdollars. When followed by the $use daily command, you will receive an image of the latest edition of The Daily Splat to catch up on the most sensational news, hottest gossip, wanted posters, and much more - all sourced from the community!

See the latest 'Most Wanted' poster from the FLPD!

Command: $wanted

This command will retrieve the most recent "Most Wanted" poster from the Frogland Bureau of Instigations. If you would like to report somefrog for misdeeds, hop on over to the #message-board channel and submit an Hit Request or Anonymous Tip for the Daily Splat. Our investigative reporters hardly ever deal underhandedly and will find the kernel of truth to the story.

Watch the original Frogflix!

Command: $buy frogflix

A brand spanking new ticket for the most popular pastime for flirtatious frogsters and frogettes - a ticket to a Frogflix and chill session! Featuring the early concept art from the art team at Dream Reality Interactive, these scenes are sure to make you a lucky frog.

Listen to the local station, KHOP radio!

Command: $buy boom box

Description: Use this boom box to tune in to KHOP Radio, the rowdy, riling, raunchy, and absolutely riveting source of all the latest audio ribbiting from Frogland. Don't touch that dial! We'll be right back - after these messages.

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