Frogland Toadex
Character Development
Ways to develop a character to be built into Frogland's aesthetic and the Notorious Frog's nature.
Filling out this google form is a good way to start your character development, as well as reading through the lore to get a sense of what others have created for their characters.

The Hyype Platform

The Hyype platform that we partnered with gives a new way for you to connect your NFTs to the character that you create with them. When you connect your wallet to their platform, it reads the NFTs that you have and lets you write your character backstories, lore, or anything you want to be linked to that specific NFT. As we further this integration and partnership, the links in the Notorious Frog Bios page will change to links to their Hyype profiles (which are also available and accessible within the Discord in the #hyype-minted-lore channel). \
Hyype | Express Yourself
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