The Planning Commission

Planning Commissions might be among the most notorious organizations in the land of the Notorious Frogs, or at least among the most degenerate.

The Planning Commission is an inherently and verifiably corrupt bureaucracy with a separate office presiding over each of the seven biomes.

The Planning Commission is responsible for attaching Land Devices to lilyPADs and approving work permits. Permits allow Frogs to build improvements — a mechanism that amplifies token emissions from the land.

Payments and bribes to the Planning Commission act as a deflationary drain against the inflationary pressure from harvesting of resources. Consuming bribes of resource tokens by either burning them or transferring them to an in-game liquidity pool maintains balance in the economy.

Planning Commissions in Frogland are inherently and verifiably corrupt, and interactions with the Planning Commission can and will involve chance mechanics and volitional acts of bribery. Players can attempt to bribe and influence a Planning Commission, and, furthermore, players can collectivize their interaction with a Planning Commission through the use of Syndicates.

This Syndicate bribe approach is one example of how the foundational design of Frogland accounts for a need to enable individuals and small groups to organize in ways that make it possible to compete with individual whales who otherwise could game the system based on an ability to control supply.

Read more about the Planning Commission and it's gameplay mechanics here.

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