What Is The Planning Commission?

Base level descriptions, despite the paragraphs.

A Planning Commission is a corrupt, unelected bureaucracy in Frogland. There are multiple Planning Commissions in the world. Each one manages functions that pertain to the plot of landโ€™s specific type (coastal, forest, wetland, etc). Think of each Planning Commission as an overseer of different ecological zones. Planning Commissions have an effect not only on the issuance of land improvement permits, they also have influence on the ownership transfer processes of the land they oversee.

It oversees various functions including the attachment of a Land Device to a specific LilyPAD within one of several, specific biomes. Bribes are also segmented along these lines, with each biomeโ€™s Planning Commission office managing the occupancy applications within its territories.

The Planning Commission is verifiably corrupt, accepting bribes in the form of resource tokens in exchange for moving up the queue to assign a Device to a different lilyPAD, to get a work Permit, or both.

An important detail is that the Land location is decoupled from the Device. That decoupling allows for the Land Device to change physical location. Moving to a new place is a fundamental mechanic, and the underlying design has to allow for that maneuver.

Itโ€™s also true that many will be perfectly fine with where their Land lands, and so, when looking at the traits of that land can look at the challenge as, โ€œWell, this is what I got, so how can I work to get the most out of it?โ€ Our answer is to make a process available that allows a Frog to maximize resource token harvesting on whatever land they have via improvements.

The Planning Commission will serve other similar functions in Frogland as the economy, ecosystem, and gameplay progress. Some interactions will be reserved for individual players, such as resource extraction permitting, where other more competitive interactions will be reserved for Syndicates, where cooperation with others will be necessary to gain any advantage over the majority.

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