đŸ”ĸThe Basics

The most important commands for any frogger to know to get started in Frogland.


Collect income from the roles you've gained! Best utilized in the #Town-Square, #The-Gardens, #Stash-House.

Command Variations

  • $collect [role] - collects income from a specific role

  • $collect all - collects income from all roles


Checks how much money you have in cash and in your bank account.

Command Variations

  • $bal - shorthand command

  • $bal [user] - checks the balance of a specific user


This will deposit your cash into your bank account, safe from pickpockets.

Command Variations

  • $dep all - deposit all your cash

  • $dep [amount] - deposit a specific amount


This will withdraw cash from your bank account.

Command Variations

  • $with - shorthand

  • $with all - withdraw all from bank to cash

  • $with [amount] - withdraw a specific amount to cash


The command to give another user a select amount of your cash on hand.

Command Variations

  • $give @[username] - sends a ping to the user so they know they received funds

  • $give [username] - does not send a ping, but does send the funds

  • $give [username] all - gives the chosen user all of your cash, not the banked money

  • $give [username] [amount] - gives the chosen user a specific amount


This will show the overall leaders in the economy in Frogdollars.

Command Variations

  • $lb - shorthand

  • $lb cash - shows the cash on hand leaderboard

Pro tip: If you keep cash on hand, you're way more likely to be robbed! Always make sure to $dep all before leaving the discord.

There are ways to earn more frog dollars, faster - but the risk is higher, too. Check out this page for more! 👇

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