The HipHOP Anonymous Gang

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

Genesis Story of The H!pH0P 4N0NyM0u$

It seems like a lifetime ago that Doc Froggleday, Bingus Frog, and A$AP Froggy met in the back alleys of NewPangea. The three instantly hit it off. They realized that individually, they were poor frogs, but together, they could potentially rule Frogland.

From that point forward, they were known as The HipHOP Anonymous Gang. They began to build their wealth and their gang, by any means necessary. The three were big into music, throwing parties down at the pond, bumping tracks that no frog had ever heard before. They were plugged into the underground music scene. At these parties, there wasn't a singly lilyPAD that didn't have frog feet dancing across it. Seeing the influence the three had on the community, they decided it was time to capitalize, and Sapo Studios was born.

They started small but stayed consistent, eventually dominating the music industry. The acts they signed would be bigger than any that came before them, old and new. Their artists topped the charts, leaving Frogwood Mac, Kenny Froggins, Lady Frog-Ga, Doja Frog, Bad Froggy, and many other major artists in the dust.

Sapo Studioโ€™s, located near the center of the pond, acts as home base for the Notorious HipHOP Anonymous Gang. Although some speculate that Sapo Studios serves as a front for the infamous gangโ€™s illegal activities, no one has been able to pin anything on the founders. However, there have been reports of moving trucks, seen entering and exiting the back of the Sapo property through all hours of the night.

New gang members are recruited into The HipHOP Anonymous Gang on a daily basis. It is rumored that to enter the gang, a frog must prove their loyalty, in addition to paying the $1,000,000 frog-coin entry fee.

Once theyโ€™ve cornered enough of the market, The HipHOP Anonymous Gang plans to open the biggest concert venue Frogland has ever seen, where their signed artist will preform. That is, if they can grease the palms of the right politicians, and put enough pressure on those with Teflon palms.

Frogs are tagging the gang's name all over the walls of Frogland. Many believe the gang is growing too powerful, yet they are unsure of what that means as of now, and how this will affect the daily lives of the common-frog. All anyone knows is that Sapo Studios and HipHOP Anonymous are creating a buzz, and it looks like they're here to stay!

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