🧠Ideas to Reality

Community sourced ideas that have been implemented into reality in NewPangea.

We say we are building with our community - but how does that actually work? It sounds great, sure, but how will we be taking the phantasmagoria of ideas from our community members and somehow make that not only cohesive, but clearly sourced from the individuals that form our community? We could tell you…but we’ll show you instead.

Our demo of the Dragonfly Social Club is an excellent vertical slice of how we're co-creating with our community and integrating user generated content into the fabric of the world. If you've not seen it yet, take a look at this video of the Dragonfly and see if you can identify all of the community content from the list below!


Some may remember the legend of the missing tiara - the Notorious Frogs had a tiara listed in the metadata for some of the NFTs, but it didn’t show in the visual. Rather than letting that read as an oversight, we flipped the script and turned it into a benefit, making the missing tiara one of the more desirable traits. There have been several questlines in the discord centered around finding the elusive tiara, with hints at more…

The Book of the Naked Frog, by Nazar Buterin. This book contains the lore being written by our largest self organized collective in the community, related to the history of the naked frogs and their version of how they came to be in NewPangea. Their ideation of the famed Magical Hot Springs has already made its way into the world as well in a concrete way.

The second page of the Daily Splat tells of the Morning Reflections’ shut down - Missy Hopalott was previously writing for the Morning Reflections, a competitor to the Daily Splat, when her choice to reveal her source for the chance to get the scoop caused public outrage, shutting down the paper altogether.

Webbed Pete’s Taco Truck has an ad out on the front page of the Daily Splat - the Webbed Pete Gang is one of Frogland’s oldest self organized gangs, taking control of the “sugar” smuggling industry and using it as the secret ingredient of their strangely addicting sugared chicken tacos. Their truck trolls up and down the streets of downtown Frogland, reminiscent of an adults-only ice cream truck, white-snouted frogs hopping spastically behind.

Bullish Laundry has an ad in the Splat as well, after Bullish Frog expressed intent to open a laundromat run by all of the ex-con frogs still sporting their stripes from their time in the slammer. The laundromat is definitely the place to go if you need something - or someone - “taken care of”.

Mad Frogger’s Bait Shop is owned and operated by The Mad Frogger himself, servicing the fine frogs of Frogland with grubs and flies of all kind, sourced exclusively from the festering bones found only in the Island of Osseous, at much personal risk of life and limb to acquire.

Hopalott Exercise studio is a dance studio run and operated by Missy Hopalott, teaching many different types of dance to frogs of all hops of life!

The personals section has many different and discreet offerings from the many horny toads we’ve stumbled across in Frogland, all with their own special tricks… The Amphibian SisterBrotherhood also has an ad out, searching for those musical frogs who long to ribbit loud and proud and perhaps even in a musical tune.


The radio broadcasting in the corner of the bar (only audible when nearby thanks to the spatial audio) incorporates the voices and creations of three different community members, LeighLeaps, Toad Blitzen, and Spot of the Nazar, alongside our first Legendary Frog (Drumma Boy) and their individual contributions to the project.

Radio also has discussion about the original FRPG storyline, one frog’s opinion on the origin story of the Notorious Frogs, and other abstract discussion about who we are and what we should strive to be.

Musical instruments on the stage are that of Too Many Zooz, used as a nod to those artists and indicating the future playability of musical instruments within the metaverse to record and produce your own music.

The mic on stage also has the necessary hookups to broadcast out across all environments for hosting live events and entertainment within the ‘verse.

The music in the jukebox is all music from the NYC street band Too Many Zooz, fully licensed for use exclusively within Frogland.

Similar to the old school Zoltan machines, the Fortune Teller machine was voiced by a community member, Hermit the Frog, and references the fortune teller bot in the discord and the NPC Madame Chirpira from early FRPG storylines.


The dice on the tables are past reference to FRPG/DnD gameplay, as well as the future indicators of FRPG sessions to take place within the space.

The ghost haunting the bar is the ghost of Jimmy “The Knee” Grenoille, the first (and so far, only) frog to perish in Frogland. This is interesting for several reasons, not least of which is the callback to the original FRPG storyline, but also as a future teaser for the possibility that the Notorious Frogs perhaps aren’t immortal after all…

The chicken feathers and scratches on the door marked VIP are a reference to all of the chicken fighting that goes on in the discord. I wonder what happens behind that door…

One of the labels on the alcohol bottles is labeled Wild Sam Chiante. Wild Sam was the first Hall of Fame chicken in the discord, winning his owner, Bullish Frog, 10,000,000 discord frog dollars in the illegal cock fighting ring hidden in the gardens in Frogland.

Frogface Shilla also has a more “typical” income stream from his shop “Flies, Thighs, and Pies”, ad featured on page 2 of the Daily Splat, where you can get his loyal noodle chef to take your latest losing chicken from the cock fighting rings, deep fried for redemption, and topped off with the best french fried flies you’ve ever had. End with a slice of one of the famed pies baked by his fiance, Froggy Ringwald, and you’ve got yourself the perfect meal.

Rumor has it that Frogland TV is preparing to launch it’s own cooking show hosted in the discord at first, then moving to the metaverse - maybe Froggy Ringwald will be willing to do a master class on one of her excellent pies!

Smoke n’ Mirrors Emporium of Wonders and Ensorcellment - while this business has not yet had its grand opening, some frogs have noted the increase in magical activity hoppening in a new area of downtown Frogland, leading some to dub the area ‘Frog Worts’. What business exactly will be conducted here, only time will tell…


On the end table, there is a copy of the Daily Splat, a sensationalist tabloid newspaper fully written and produced by community members Froggy Fresh and Missy Hopalott, adding members to their team by the day!

Content IN the Daily Splat

Headline article in the Daily Splat: Stash House fire is a reference to when the Stash House discord channel was compromised (an accidental @ the wrong role invited people in who weren’t members of the appropriate gang) so the gangs set fire to the stash house by spamming fire gifs to conceal and protect their private conversations from the intruders.

Also on the front page of the Daily Splat, an article on the Mayor of Frogland. He is a mysterious character, the human behind the frog yet to be revealed within the discord…however, his apparent appetite for betting big in the illegal cockfighting rings in the gardens is well known to all. Some bold froggers even say that the reason he bets so big on the underdog is so he’s able to claim the body when the poor cock loses, to what end, no one yet knows. Sources who would prefer to remain nameless have spotted him wiping his mouth with his pocket square shortly after and coming away bloody…but those sources are rarely seen or heard from again.

The opinion piece on the last page of the Daily Splat makes note of not only the origin story of the frogs, but also a new casino going up in Frogland dubbed “The Aquatica”. While the Aquatica is truthfully the Nazar Frogs’ casino, earned through their participation and engagement with the team and in the discord, the author of this piece seems to be under the impression that it is not something a frog would do - she seems convinced that this is something only a Cat could come up with…either a Cat or a Rat. She puts out a call to arms, asking that the Frogs of Frogland band together and hold true to their notorious natures, to launch an investigation into the four invasive species encroaching upon the Frogland plateau, and find out who they are and what they want.

Hedda Hoppa’s Frogland, a column on page two of the Daily Splat - the coinciding of the Morning Reflections’ shut down and timeline in which this particular column started up was noted by a couple sharp eyed frogs, especially with the sharp, bitter tones bleeding into Hedda’s writing. Some even wonder if it is perhaps a pen name for another, recently spurned writer…

Hedda Hoppa talks about two other characters in her article, Froggy Fresh and Frogface Shilla. Froggy Fresh is both her newest coworker and the headline writer for the Daily Splat, and has been seen lurking, or ‘investigating’ around the Murky Waters, a local dive bar where all hoppenings can take place hidden behind the smoky haze of duckweed and deception. Frogface Shilla is a master revolver craftsman, adding special properties to each and every one of his artisanal, handcrafted, organic, small batch custom revolvers. These revolvers are frequently used as a prize in the PPV cock fights that happen in the discord when rumors start to swirl about another god-mode cock.


Art framed on the walls include deribbitive works from Big Leap, Prisoner of Azkapond, and M. Phibian, as well as concept art from the building of Frogland.

The pictures on the wall both show the community’s work as well as the future of being able to connect your wallet and have minted artwork available on the walls with a link to OpenSea to view or eventually purchase the work.

Backdrop of the stage is a depiction of the Nightshade Manor, from the original FRPG, storyline of which came from our Vision Master, Timefrog.

The polaroids are strewn around a very old timey camera and photo taking section, both as a reference to the original artwork of being polaroids, and perhaps a nod to the future as well.

The second copy of the Book of the Naked Frog lies blood spattered in the crime scene as well, leaving one to wonder what exactly Jimmy was getting himself into when he met his demise..

Easter Eggs

If you’re able to glitch your third person camera outside the walls of the Dragonfly, you’ll see a hidden crawlspace stuffed full of illegal Croakaine, revolvers, and tommy guns, showing that even the owners of the most fly-brow social club in town aren’t above notoriety.

The tarot cards on the table near the murder scene are both a nod at the bot in discord that offers tarot readings, but also at poor Jimmy’s fate, as his reading showed death and destruction with The Tower, The Hanged Frog, and Death in his cards. Might even be a little leak in the future…

There are a couple of books lying around that are interesting twists on real books that speak to the theme and era of some of the Notorious Frog vibes, and another book that is a hint for something to come…

What we’re trying to build is massive and challenging, and we’re doing it in a very open, transparent way as we encourage ideas, input, and content creation from our community - which does not make it easier. However, what it does is far better than just taking the easiest route. Co-creation follows the web3 model of making this new world engaging, accessible, and empowering to all those who are here on this journey with us - and we are over the moon to have all of you here, building right alongside us. WAGMI.

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