Bribing The Planning Commission

...and other totally legitimate gameplay mechanics.

Interactions with the Planning Commission have a cost. You can wait in line and pay the standard fee, or dig deep and offer a bribe to jump the queue. The standard fee may change from time to time.

Size matters โ€” but itโ€™s not the only thing. Cultivating a bribe to the needs of a specific Planning Commission increases the likelihood of acceptance, just like bringing your friends to the party. Bribes from a Syndicate are bigger and more impressive than an individualโ€™s, and more likely to be accepted, not returned.

The bribery amount is also variable, and will depend on the specific Planning Commission's peculiarities. Some want more money, some may wantโ€ฆother stuff you can offer, or tasks you might be able to complete. Criss-Cross. You scratch my back, Iโ€™ll scratch yours.

The Planning Commission is a monopoly, and like all monopolies it is inherently, notoriously, verifiably corrupt. Commissioners โ€” whether a Frog or a stream of code logic โ€” can and will deviate from their Oath of Office. They can and will hoodwink the powers that be to trust them. And so maybe you shouldnโ€™t. The rules are always made so winners stay winners and losers become lost. Buyer beware. But remember: if youโ€™re corrupt, and your target isnโ€™t, things can go down bad. On one hand: trust, but verify. On the other: fuck it, why not roll the dice.

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