What were previously known as Guilds, but make it notorious.

Internal Structure of a Syndicate

Gang and syndicate memberships are not mutually exclusive or inclusive. Users can join as many gangs as they would like, or none. Being a member of one gang does not mean that you have to be a member of that syndicate, or preclude you from supporting another syndicate.

Gangs are social and a โ€œlightweightโ€ way to play. Syndicates will have a โ€˜founding teamโ€™ that will work with the Frog Team to denote their internal operational structure, such as a council or DAO system, and will accept pledges for membership. Syndicate members receive more of a formalized benefit structure for being a member than a gang member might, but also require a standardized offering or entry fee to receive these benefits. The benefits and pledges required will be determined by each syndicate and the Frog Team, and disclosed as we progress in development.

Pledging to a Syndicate

Syndicate membership is limited by how many Frogs and/or lilyPADs you own โ€” one pledge per land or Frog NFT. The membership fee required by a syndicate is up to that syndicateโ€™s internal organizational structures to determine. There could be no fee โ€” free to join โ€” a donation style fee, a creative contribution request, an amount of resources, or a token based fee.

By harvesting the resources from your Frog or lilyPAD, the player will have a certain amount of resources to trade or pledge directly to a syndicate for benefits specific to that syndicate. Some amount of the resources gathered from each will make up your membership fee to a syndicate. However, the pledges are not necessarily fixed, nor necessarily token or resource based โ€” it could be a creative contribution that your syndicate requires for membership, like producing beats or stems for Sapo Studios. Pledges may be accepted in the form of raw resources, a liquidity pool token, or a mixture of both. A syndicate could also offer free membership, or a โ€œgive what you canโ€™โ€™ donation based membership.

Pledging will occur on a regular basis to allow for a shift of memberships depending on current needs of players. Pledging will likely start at the beginning of each season, but will possibly occur more frequently than that.

Bribing With A Syndicate

Syndicates, as larger groups, have more power and resources available for bribery. As such, a benefit for members could be bribing a Planning Commission, or other similar entity, for priority treatment for their members. This will help balance the scales so users with only one Frog still have the opportunity to bribe their way to the front of the lines as a benefit of pledging some resources to a syndicate, and not be overrun by those with huge tracts of land and an army of Frogs.

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