Frogland Toadex

For Musicians

What can NewPangea do for you?
Visual artists have been able to successfully utilize the blockchain and NFTs to widen their audience, increase exposure, and have a more direct connection with their audiences than ever before. We have some very exciting things in the works for musicians to do the same for audio artists - but cannot disclose more until things are signed and sealed. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements!
Want to contribute? Hop into our discord and ask for Lollihops!!

​Frogland Mixtape​

Learn how your original content can be contributed for use within Frogland for your financial gain.

​Sapo Studios​

This music production studio aims to produce collaborative music efforts within the community with Scratch Track Saturdays, then mint the stems out to our platform so the artists can receive royalties for their contributions when they are used or mixed into other tracks.