Permitting and Building Improvements

When a Frog applies to the appropriate Planning Commission to improve or build on their land, the Commissionโ€™s approval allows the landowner to extract more resources โ€” tokens โ€” from a particular lilyPAD. While applying for and receiving a permit will allow for improved resource harvesting through a Frog (and only a Frog) building such devices on their land, there are still several other considerations to be aware of.

For instance, the rules that apply to occupancy and permitting are slightly different in each biome, thus the need for a different office of the Planning Commission for each.

The resources available to be extracted are dependent on several things: the type and amount of total resources at that lilyPAD, which is partially determined by the biome of that plot; the rarity and traits of the Land Device attached to that lilyPAD; and the resource extraction permit. Permits have a cost to obtain and are temporary, lasting only for one season, whereas an occupant may choose to retain control of a lilyPAD for as long as they like, or until they make an occupancy application to take control of a new, unoccupied lilyPAD.

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