đŸŽĩFrogland Mixtape

Produced by Ribbert301, this is a collaborative effort from many different musicians in the community with their own original work.

What is the Frogland Mixtape?

The Frogland Mixtape is a collection of music derived from the Frogland community. Each artist has supplied an original unique song about or referencing Frogland. The mixtape will be available for purchase as a full bundle or individual songs with each artist getting a % of the original sale and 100% of secondary royalties.

How Do Artists Get Paid?

Artists will sign an agreement pre-drop that acknowledges the % royalty they are entitled to. Each artist will be paid based on how many of their individual songs sell. If the whole bundle sells they will be paid as if they sold an individual copy. Some artists may sell more individual copies than others, however all artists get a cut of the bundle sales. Royalties on the secondary will be sent to the artists from the contract. We will make each one a collaborator as well on the collection so people can see their OpenSea accounts. This will effectively make all of us artists some good money and exposure for the future and Frogland will have hosted the largest collaborative NFT music collection to date.

How Much Does Frogland Get?

Frogland gave us the platform and ability to host this collaborative effort. In return we will help continue to fund the future of music in the metaverse. The whole point of this mixtape is to get derivative works from the community for original content for NewPangea. Frogland will receive 20% of all original sales, while 70% goes to the artists (100% of secondaries to artists), and 10% going to a fund for a community chosen charity.

How To Join?

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