How to maximize your resource harvesting.

While the Land does emit tokens based on the random assignment that happens at a change of season, the land might not yield its resources to their maximum if the land stays in its original state. The rate and yield of token emissions can be improved by utilizing a Frog to build a resource-harvesting structure on the land. That structure requires a Permit.

Permits can be obtained by direct interaction with the Landโ€™s specific Planning Commission. (More will be explained about the Planning Commission in a later section of this article). A Frog with a Permit allows that Frog to build a device as an improvement to the landโ€™s efficiency and efficacy of tokens available from the land โ€” much like an oil derrick will pull more oil from the land than would ooze out naturally but very slowly. Once the improvement is built on the land, the device will begin harvesting tokens automatically. That Frog can then apply for a Permit to improve a different plot of land.

Players who do not own a Frog would need to either trade or purchase improved land from a Frog who had already improved their land. Another potential option for a frogless landholder would be to rent a Frog from another player to obtain a Permit for improvement, thus creating another income stream for Froghodlrs. Improvement Permits expire at the end of each season. Further, if a Land Device with an attached Permit is sold mid-season, both the Land and its Permit are sold together, as one.

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