❓Crypto Safety FAQ

FAQ answered by Froggy Digital.

Question: If I connected to a potentially malicious site, is it possible that my wallet was compromised without me signing anything?

Short Answer You should be fine, but I would get a ledger anyway.

Long Answer Whether using MetaMask or a Ledger connected to MetaMask, simply by "connecting" to a site without signing anything does not make it possible to steal your seed phrase, and it is not possible for the website to unlock your wallet.

It is possible for a scam site to compromise your wallet in other ways though, even if you didn't sign a transaction.

Question: How do I move my NFTs from MetaMask to a hardware wallet?

  1. Get a Ledger hardware wallet and set it up. Only purchase it from the manufacturer, and never use one where the box has been opened.

  2. Write down your seed phrase with pen and paper (not in your notes app, not in an email, don't take a picture of it, not in your LastPass) and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER enter it into a computer anywhere. Only enter it onto the Ledger hardware directly.

  3. Follow the instructions to connect it to MetaMask and you'll get a new public wallet address

  4. If your NFTs and crypto are in a regular MetaMask account (no Ledger) you will have to transfer your assets by sending them to the new address attached to the Ledger.

Do NOT enter the MetaMask seed phrase into the Ledger and think that's good enough. It isn't. Always follow step #1.

If you are in a situation where you have been using MetaMask for a while and want to move to a Ledger, you WILL have to transfer. I know, it sucks. Just wait till gas is low (2am Saturday morning East coast US time is usually the low point of the week).

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