đŸŒŗSeed Trees

Spawned from the brains of Rocky 'Tadpole Face' Wartoni and Eat My Legs... Seed Trees.

The Seed

Sometime in the not too distant past, two brothers had a wonderful idea. They decided to grow the 'Ancient Forests' of the future.

But why?

Ancient Forests are the strongest, hardiest, most beautiful forests, that's why. 😄

The Sprout

We shall design and grow forests and woodlands that will survive for thousands of years. We will not plant row upon row of trees offsetting in the hopes of making a quick buck, nor plant a grid of saplings and call it a day.

No we shall not!

We will create forest of exquisite beauty, preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. By utilizing our skills and years of experience, we will produce protected forests that will have the impact and longevity to do much more for the environment, for the world, and for far longer timeframes than any abandoned good deed.

Our project (with the help and guidance of the world's top experts) will harness the power of nature to grow what are known as 'seed trees'. The genetically strongest trees chosen by mother nature herself.

Using the philosophy written down in the 1600s by the pioneering observers of some of the strongest most resilient woodland we have intact today, we will create something stronger and more impactful than has been done before.

Every aspect of the forests that we shall create will be meticulously planned, ensuring that every species will be harmonious with its neighbor. Ratios of species will be planted to resist disease. A diversity of species and growth sustainability mechanic will be perfectly considered, offering our trees the best chance of survival whilst creating strong gene pools for future growth.

Our woodland will enrich community engagement as we most assuredly do not plan on doing this alone. We hope for full community engagement at every level of creation; from planning to planting and way, way beyond, Seed Trees will span generations.

Dynamic Growth Dichotomy


Frogland is arguably one of the best and most thought out metaverse projects in creation. The Frog Team is outstanding in so many ways, and the community is second to none! So it was a simple choice for us to join Frogland as our first metaverse collaboration.

So, what is metaverse integration? What are we building, and why does it matter?

With Frogland as our flagship project, we are building a gamified dynamic enhancement for the metaverse that interweaves itself within the lore, utility, magick, as well as overall ambiance and aesthetic of the world. Every time a user plays and interacts within the metaverse, enacting other positive or negative deeds, a real life outcome will always be the same - positive environmental impact and negative carbon offset...by helping plant trees!

The full details of just how comprehensively we are integrating into Frogland will be made available in the future. For now, we can only say that with the help of team Frogland, the gaming experience will be rewarding in far more ways than one, with impact spanning across both the virtual and the real worlds.

Sow To Grow

In the very near future, we will begin our initial funding campaign.

- Rocky 'Tadpole Face' Wartoni and Eat My Legs

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Seed_Trees

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