The Notorious Frogs' Origin Story

A plague had turned Earthโ€™s frogs immortal at the cost of sapping all their energy, condemning them to having no fun whatsoever, for eternity โ€” they called the plague โ€œThe UnderToad, Destroyer of Funkโ€. Until one day they discover a dead extra-terrestrial slumped against one of their trees, a pair of dark goggles in its strange hand.

One by one they look into the goggles and are sucked into a new world โ€” a metaverse they call NewPangea, where they now live high on a plateau โ€” a wellspring of all water and life for the supercontinent. There are remnants of some kind of alien species that had been living on NewPangea, appearing to have been abandoned in a rush and then left to fall into a state of disrepair.

They find their froggy selves transformed into a hybrid of amphibian and humanoid alien and their physical energy is through the roof. Their pent-up energies unleashed, they sing together, bumping booty. They cosplay, party all the time, and push every experience to its edge until their debauchery gives rise to a collective will to become Notorious and rule the metaverse.

How notorious will your frog be...and become?

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