Chapter 2

RN's Proposal

The team opens the letter, signed โ€œRNโ€, inviting them to a dinner at Black Lily Mansion. RN seems to want to work together, but do they have nefarious motives...

The adventurers head over to the mansion, dressed to the nines. The crew are greeted by a tall frog in mesmerizing dark blue skin, with black tattoos covering his cheeks. He addresses the frogs, in a smug but proper voice: "Welcome, everyone. So glad you could make it last minute. I do believe indeed we can be of mutual benefit to one another in the current state of the city. Quite interesting indeed. Please do sit. Enjoy some poached minnow, candied grasshopper. If there's anything you prefer I'll ask the chef forthwith. First I ask however, that you only ask me one question each, as I'm a slave of time these nights. After we can negot... discuss other questions if so needed."

He introduces himself as Reginald Nightshade, a retired Pond of Assassins member. Now the frogs did not recognize the name, as the โ€œPondโ€ members are notoriously anonymous. A small black bird is seen flying around the mansion, with its eyes seeming to dash back and forth between the frog party. Does it know more than itโ€™s letting on?

RN reveals heโ€™s looking to hire the crew, and in exchange he will give up the information he has obtained about the murder. The frogs are given a choice: leave with unanswered questions, or take care of the Ganju in the study downstairs, unlocking additional information and a scroll with strange symbols on it. The crew accepts and Algaee the butler leads them to the area in question. The frogs enter, with the door locking behind them.

What went from 'one Ganju in the study' quickly turned into a 5 Ganju ambush! The frogs break out their weapons, but the frog Busta Slimes canโ€™t seem to stop eating this strange pink slime. As the fighting ensues and the Ganju are eliminated, the party quickly realizes the pink slime is very much Ganju remnants, a tad disgusting if you ask me!

The door opens. RN's voice in the distance says -

โ€œThe scroll is in the back. I have to run for a meeting will answer your questions next time. Also help yourself to the black case, as I'm a man of my word and since I cannot answer your questions, take something from the case in addition to the scroll. Touch NOTHING else mind you. Cheersโ€

The case is revealed to hold a golden pistol, a potion, a gold lily pin, a magnifying glass and a coin. Interesting loot for the party, who just risked their lives for the mysterious frog. The frogs inspect the items and as they do, the potion changes color as it shifts in the light. The coin is double sided, one side saying 'Libras Veritas' with three golden triangles, the other side showing the killer cat queen. Flipping the coin over again shows the coin changing, similarly to the potion. The gun seems to be double-barreled with an inscription: "To my dear friend, Reginald - SQ"

The frog LeighLeap isnโ€™t feeling well, a bit groggy. She gets up, explaining she saw visions of another land beyond Frogland. The Frogs inspect the scroll, revealing it to be a cipher. It's decoding reveals an agreement between three different worlds, Frogland, and beyond. It is eerily similar to the Ganjuโ€™s symbolโ€ฆ.

The adventurers hear a noise and two mechanical frogs reveal themselves from the shadows. Some of the frogs have fled, while others stand and fight. During the fight, some of the crew were injured, but the golden gun seems to have returned the mechanical frogs to their original place! The crew barely escapes the mansion with their lives.

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