A New Froghodlr's Guide
Created by another amazing mod, Donkey Frog, this guide has a little bit of everything to get a new Froghodlr started in the discord and community!

Welcome to Frogland!

If you’re brand new here, the Discord might be a little overwhelming, so this guide is here to help you get started.


The first thing you might want to do is get a froggy nickname if you’re a Froghodlr. This is just a fun, frog-themed name that many users adopt for this Discord. (It won’t change your name in other Discords). If you want a froggy nickname, just reach out to one of the Mod Squad (purple names on the R sidebar) or Frog Team members (pink names) and they can help. If you’re having trouble thinking of a name, check the pinned messages in #unclaimed-names for suggestions.

Frogland Videos

Have you seen the video of the game? This is actual in-game footage from the released alpha. The setting is the Dragonfly Club, which will be one of the many buildings in the metaverse.
Recorded gameplay from the Dragonfly Social Club demo.
We also have demo video of the lilyPADs. These environments are not yet live for players, but give a good feel for what the personal land will look and feel like in the game, leading up to the land claim in June. The voiceover here is Shrimp and Snoop Frog chatting about the difference in style and rendering and how it impacts development.
Two art styles released to the community to get a feel for holder preference.

Playable Demo

Now that you’ve seen the video, do you want to play the game? It’s just the alpha, and only a few rooms, but if you’d like to get an idea of how the game will look and play, check it out! The demo is only for Frogholders, so once you verify, go to #message-board and sign up. You’ll need to fill out a google form called DEMO PLAYTHROUGH SIGN UP SHEET.
You’ll receive an email with a registration code which will allow you to play the game. The game is available for both PC and Mac. After you’ve finished, feel free to leave some feedback on your experience.


The feedback form for the demo.

Whitepaper / Roadmap

The whitepaper for this project is called the Toadex (hopefully you'll know that, since you've made your way here!). This will give you a lot of specific details about the project and its direction, and is constantly evolving, so make sure to check in often. Check it out in #official-links.

Gangs and Syndicates

Part of the social and gaming aspect in Frogland will revolve around gangs and syndicates. Some gangs are specific to your character (ex. Do you have a frog wearing prison stripes?) while others are open to all. If you’re interested in joining or creating a group, ask around or visit the different channels in the Discord. You will need to pick up the GameFrogger role (learn more about opt in roles here) with the video game controller emoji __ in #pillars-of-newpangea to see the #stash-house channel where the gangs all meet up. Learn more about Gangs and Syndicates in this medium article.
Part of the gaming experience involves FRPG or “Frog Role Playing Game”, which is run by Timefrog who is very helpful and welcoming of new players and runs training sessions each week where players can develop lore (stories) and skills for their characters and guild.
Levels and Boosts
If you’re looking to buy a frog (make sure collection is verified - check #official-links!), a lot of people want to know what the levels and boosts mean. Basically, these will be skills that your character will have when playing the game in the metaverse, so a +5 is more desirable than a +1 - however, it all depends on how YOU want to play the game and engage in the metaverse!
Exploring the Discord
There are a lot of channels in the Discord. Some are more practical like the #Lillypad-Lounge, where town halls and other voice chats take place, but others are previews of the gameplay. Check out things like the #casino or #Sapo-Studios where live music happens on Scratch Track Saturdays. The #directory channel should help!
#pillars-of-newpangea is the channel where you can opt into roles and choose what parts of the discord you want to interact with. For instance, the
emoji will give you the GameFrogger role, and access to all the “in the metaverse” channels to interact with the bots and roleplay. The
emoji will give you the Frollaborator role, which is where you’ll be able to talk to other creators and offer your contributions to the project!
Are you creative? Well, you’re in good company here in Frogland. Whether you want to play music, create artwork, create puzzles for the game, use your Twitter skills, or contribute to the development of Frogland, there is a place for you and your talents. Ask one of the members or look here #want-to-help (will need the Frollaborator role from #pillars-of-newpangea).
A lot of people want to know if the team is doxed and who they are. With just a little investigation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the team come from skilled industry positions, working on projects for Sony, Lucas Films, Disney, and NVIDIA. Check them out in the #team-and-faq channel.
Get In Contact
If you have questions, probably a good place to ask is to ask your question @Mod Squad. If they cannot answer your question, you can ask the team (@Frog Team), or if you need to contact one of the team individually:
@snoopfrog#5527 - VR, crypto, business, and tech expert @DIDIMX#8780 - artist and origin of the Notorious Frogs art @framezero#5117 - narrative, art, creative direction, and final Frog art @Shrimp#1119 - art, animation, final Frog art, and gameplay @AddressXception#1337 - smart contract, cryptography, and all things code @Don-Luv#1337 - coding, rarity, traits, and game design @Ajax93#4215 - community management, discord, and production
Make sure to not add more than five @’s in a single discord message or the security bot will ban you!
All the frogs have been minted, and for each frog you have, you will receive a piece of land in the metaverse (snapshot happening soon). The team is working on the land mechanics, the metaverse itself, and gaming. The best way to keep up with the progress is to attend or listen to the recorded town halls on #📻︱khop-radio or following Frogland on Twitter Frogland.io (@Frogland_io) / Twitter
Other Districts in the NewPangea Metaverse
NewPangea will be the metaverse for the Notorious Frogs with Frogland as their home district, but the Frogland team has also collaborated with other NFT’s to create custom districts for those projects. So far, the Wicked Craniums and Gutter Cats have partnered and will eventually be part of the NewPangea metaverse. Each project’s adjoining lands will be unique and traversable from other districts, and there is the possibility of creating districts for other projects in the future.
This just scratches the surface of Frogland and the NewPangea metaverse, and there is much more to discover. Once you’ve perused these basics, have fun exploring the rest of the Discord and meeting all the fun and creative people here!
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