Frogland Toadex


Commonly asked questions and answers.

What is NewPangea?

NewPangea is the new metaverse, home to The Notorious Frogs of Frogland, as well as other profile picture projects, artists, and creators alike.

What is Frogland?

Frogland is a district on a plateau in the center of NewPangea where the Notorious Frogs reside.

What are the Notorious Frogs?

The Notorious Frogs are 10,000 randomly generated humanoid frog NFTs that inhabit Frogland. Previously bearing the appearance of normal frogs from Earth, they discovered a mysterious, alien device in the woods. The device was somehow activated, and transported these frogs into their new home of Frogland in the NewPangea metaverse.

What are the other districts in NewPangea?

The three other founding pfp districts in NewPangea are: Gutterville, home of the Gutter Cat Gang; the Island of Osseous, home to the Wicked Craniums; and the Art District, home to individual artists and NFT galleries.

What does #BuyFrogGetLand mean?

Each Notorious Frog NFT has a home in NewPangea called a LilyPAD (Personal Access Domain). When you purchase a Notorious Frog, you are also purchasing land in the metaverse.

So I'm buying a frog AND land?

Yes, for the price of one NFT! We will take a snapshot of wallet addresses when we are ready to release the land, at which time every wallet with a Notorious Frog in it will be dropped or be able to claim their plot of land (LilyPAD). The Notorious Frogs will NOT be tied to their land after the land claim in June 2022.

How do I claim or mint my land?

It's super easy!! We wrote up a medium article that you can reference here, or the same content is located in the Toadex here Broken link.

What do with Notorious Frog after land drop?

The ownership of land is not the only utility with the Notorious Frogs NFTs - even after the land is distributed, the frogs will represent the characters/avatars their hodlrs can play and utilize in the metaverse. Make sure you take a look at your frogs stats, boosts, and non-visual traits when you buy - all of that will be incorporated into the gameplay.

Where can I buy a Notorious Frog?

The remaining NFTs after presale were all minted less than 9 hours after art reveal. Secondary sales are currently only located on OpenSea - but don't get scammed! Only purchase verified frogs - check out our official Linktree here.

How are NewPangea and Frogland being built?

NewPangea, Frogland, and the other districts are all being individually curated between the Frog Team, the game development studio, and the communities that will inhabit them to reflect each project's lore, aesthetic, and community members' identities.

Wen metaverse? Wen land?

NewPangea is already under development with Dream Reality Interactive (DRI), a top tier game development studio founded by Sony's flagship London Studio team. Check them out here. As of 12/26/21, we launched a multiplayer demo for our community members after less than 90 days of development. Land claim will be hoppening in early June of 2022, with waves of public sale to follow after. Timing of sales, price, and amount of public land available subject to change.

When can I get involved?

Right now!! Frogland's discord is being pushed to it's limits for community members to discuss as well as beta-test narratives, gameplay, utility, and economy practices. Members who engage on the discord will find their marks imprinted on the blueprints and foundations of NewPangea as they help us shape the future of the metaverse.

Wen play?!

For community members, right now!! The demo of Frogland will remain live for our community to explore as we continue to iterate and build out NewPangea at scale behind the scenes. The discord is being stretched to it's limits for web2 style metaverse play, with new updates to come after land claim.