🎅Santa Frogs

Have YOU done your part to help capture all of the imposter Santa Frogs to collect your bounty (or your bribe)?

Check out this edition of The Daily Splat for the backstory on the Santa Frogs! 👇

page12/26 - Frogmas, Fish Scales, and Fires...Oh My!

TL;DR - The FLPD is on the hunt for Seamus B. Frog for his dirty dealings with the gang leaders in Frogland. SBF loaned out his illiquid tokens to gang leaders in exchange for millions of frog dollars and the promise that SBF would put in a good word for each with the Planning Commission. After being discovered, SBF fled for the northern marshes and has been speculated to be working with the Slimy Salamanders.

However, his favorite polywog, Croakaline, is cooperating with the FLPD and recently delivered an additional 1,500 Fish Scales to the FLPD as part of her plea deal against SBF. In a suspicious turn of events, the FLPD evidence locker went up in flames the very night the Fish Scales were delivered. Eyewitnesses saw several frogs of all shapes and sizes dressed as Santa Frog fleeing the scene.

The FLPD has put out a request to the good citizens of Frogland asking for your help bringing in the imposter Santa Frogs for "questioning". After a week of unsuccessful investigation, they've even put out a bounty of 20 Fish Scales for frogs who bring in one of the Santa Frogs to the station. 👀

Looking for a hint? 👀

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