Chapter 5

Madame Chirpira

Breaking News!! Jimmy "The Kneeโ€™s" second body has slowly gelatinized into pink goo, per the Frogland Forensics team. The adventurers are in the town square, discussing the bizarre et of circumstances. As they discuss, a Special Agent Groggerty enters the scene of the FBI : โ€œAHEM!!! Where are my men! Where's local FLPD??? You know you Most Wanted aren't supposed to leave the house unaccompanied by an agent!!โ€

The agent fires his shotgun in the air, silencing the adventurers trying to figure out the conundrum that is Jimmy "The Kneeโ€™s" second body. โ€œThat's enough chit chat for now ya see - we gotta get to the bottom of this once and for all. You lot are coming with me to see Madame Chirpiraโ€

The agent escorts the adventurers to the den of Madame Chirpira - A world famous psychic. The walls are strewn with newts, bats and insects of all kinds. It smells like bad cheese, oh - but there's incense burning - so it smells like bad cheese and roses.

The psychic appears old but has a beauty about her, as she was still finely dressed and elegant. She appears from the back room to address the adventurers, โ€œMay I help theeee fiiine adventurers?? What brings you to see Madamm ChurrrPEEIRa?โ€

The adventurers stare in wonder at the scene, while the agent addresses the psychic clearly losing patience โ€œLook Lady, we ain't got all do see - we gotta get to da bottom of dees here murdahs!โ€

The psychic has no use for the law, and dismisses the agent with one foul message, โ€œI take kindly not to impatience or police for that matter - you'll have to wait outside BOY!!!โ€. The agent does not need to be told twice and leaves the den in a hurry.

The psychic lays out 4 tarot cards for the adventurers, each with varying pictures. These are unlike any tarot cards the adventurers have seen before, and with the drawing of each card provides the adventurer who chose certain powers. One had whirling winds and a blue sky, and the adventurer felt lighter and faster. Another had flames on it and felt warm to the touch. One had a black night and skull on it, which couldnโ€™t mean anything good. Finally Missy Hopalott chose the final card, with a picture of a key inscribed 'Tri Pad Bank - A Name You Can Trust'. This could be in reference to an abandoned bank in downtown Frogland, where some serious Frogland criminals have used it as a hideout.

The adventurers want to explore, but the psychic offers them one final reading. One of the adventurers offers themselves up and receives a vision of a mirror. The old psychic leaves the adventurers with one final message โ€œNow it is time for our time to end - so swiftly it comes so swiftly it goes. Keep your cards close by the way - you may need them,โ€ and she vanished out of sight!

As if she could predict the future, the card with the key card Missy Hopalott pulled was no longer there. In replacement, the exact key on the card fell right out of Missyโ€™s coat! With all signs seemingly leading to the abandoned bank, the adventurers set out, determined to find out what the key opened. The adventurers find Special Agent Groggerty asleep outside, with the agent not responding to being shaken. The adventurers grab his shotgun, just in case.

Although hesitant, the adventurers convince a taxi driver to drive them to the slums. Upon arriving at the bank, they are met by 4 tough looking frogs who smell like a combination of street fights and cheap beer. Jack The Ribbit handsomely pays off 3 of the 4 thugs, but doesnโ€™t have quite enough to satisfy the 4th frog. The frog, now angry, โ€œAnyone else got coin? Otherwise choose your champion for the PITโ€. The adventurers decide to rough up the frog, with El Sapo delivering the final blow. The frogs approach two vault doors to enter the bank, with Missy choosing to open the left. She uses her key to unlock the door, which immediately vanishes. As they open a vault door, a cloaked figure dashes past the adventurers, faster than any frog theyโ€™ve ever seen.

With the cloaked frog gone, the adventurers enter the vault which is filled with jars of pink slime, gambling tickets from the races, some coins, and someone passed out on a chair in the corner. Froggy Fresh heads over to wake him up but he seems to be drugged and doesnโ€™t stir. To Froggy Freshโ€™s shock he looks exactly like Hypnotoad!!!

With Hypnotoad - or his look-alike - seemingly drugged, the adventurers search the room to find a ticket to a fancy club with a golden lily on it, a piece of broken wood, which the adventurers believed could belong to an item, a cryptocurrency device of some kind, and damp cement chunks on the tile floor. Frog Capone, lead investigator, tosses Hyptotoadโ€™s body across his shoulder and heads back to HQ. Next stop for the adventurers, the Golden Lily clubโ€ฆ

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