🤖Ai Blocks

Aiblocks.app is an AI platform that enables community members of one of the parent NFT projects to create their own fan art and derivatives with a few simple words.

As a Notorious Frog holder, you have early access to this platform entirely for FREE! This includes custom trained AI models that understand what Notorious Frogs are, as well as the traditional AI models such as Stable Diffusion 2.1.

Simply visit the aiblocks.app and connect your wallet, select your preferred AI model in 'Advanced Options'. Warm.xyz is supported, so no worries for your vaulted NFTs!

Credits are free for now: to get more, click on 'Get Credits', type in a number up to 100 and click 'Buy' - don't worry, you won't be charged. Check out our tweet here to see a video on how it works!

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