Double Barrel

The double barrel is a private speakeasy with a membership-only access. It is a good place for high rollers to come gamble and one of our selling points will be the PVP gameplay! Especially high rollers dice, where multiple players roll a 1 billion sided die and the person with the highest number gets paid the amount by the loser that is shown on the die! We will also have Russian Roulette for an agreed upon bet between two gentlefrogs. We hope to have music (jazz?), but that's not all!

The speakeasy if just a front for our illegal moonshining and weapons/ammo sales that take place in the basement named โ€œThe Bottom of the Barrelโ€ entrance to this area requires further clearance. We have a membership card NFT that one holds in their crypto wallet to gain access to the club.

Founding Members: Bullish Frog, Satoadshi, and Toadjam and Earl

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