📚Translator Bot


Translator Bot

Need help communicating outside of your foreign language? We have announcement channels that translate all Frogland announcements automatically into different languages. Currently, we have: French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

If you would like to request a new language, @ Lollihops in the discord!


This is a massively helpful tool for communicating with those outside of your native language. While we do have at least one mod that speaks at least one of the languages in our International Frogs section, this tool is massively helpful all the way around.


/translate: [What you want to say goes here] to: [choice of language]

Translate via emoji reactions

If you would like to request a translation into a different language, react to the message with the flag of the country who's language you wold like the message translated into. The bot will translate and reply to you in the same channel for ease of communication.


If there is a message written in English and I would like to see it in French, click on the đŸ‡Ģ🇷 emoji, which will prompt the bot to put out a translation of that message into that channel.

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