Frogland Toadex


Organized (and disorganized) groups and their function in Frogland.

The Fuzz

The Frogland Police Department and Frogland Bureau of Instigations are the only two organizations that attempt to contain the notoriousness of Frogland's inhabitants. Luckily, the FLPD enjoys counting warts and catching flies more than criminals. The FBI is only slightly more useful than a frog on a log - but only just.


Gangs are the social layer of co-creation and community building and can be formed by any Froghodlr based around anything they would like.
Gangs provide an intentional smaller community, a clear group identity, and a deliberate unity of purpose. This may be for friendship, story creation, gameplay, just for fun, or to develop a larger idea.


Syndicates are the notorious twin of the traditional ‘guilds’ in MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). They can be used to develop or manage a particular area of gameplay, or to launch a community generated project within Frogland.
Syndicates accept pledges in return for membership. Being a member grants the syndicate’s protection, power, and influence of choice on larger gameplay mechanics that an individual might struggle against alone.
Pledging opportunities occur regularly (once a season or more frequently) so there is plenty of opportunity to adapt your pledges to suit your needs. Pledges may be free with no fee, donation based, or measured in creative contributions, or resource tokens. The pledge necessary to join a syndicate is at the full discretion of the internal operational structure of the syndicate, not the Frog Team (though we will happily advise).
Each NFT (Notorious Frog or land) held can pledge resources to a syndicate — so a player with one Frog and one lilyPAD could pledge to two different Syndicates and receive benefits from both per pledge cycle.
Syndicates can be used by smaller holders to increase the likelihood of their bribes being accepted by bigger entities — for example, the Planning Commission when wanting to move a Deed to a new lilyPAD.
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