🎮Discord Bot Commands and Gameplay

How to interact with the bots for gameplay and other utility!

We have several different bots in the Frogland discord, all with different names and purposes for interacting and gameplay. The format for bot commands is relatively consistent, and noted when atypical.

Almost all of the bot commands in our discord begin with the dollar sign ($). This allows for consistency throughout the experience, but does mean that sometimes we get creative with our commands.

Correct spelling, capitalization, and use of hyphens or of spaces are all important for the bot to work correctly. If spelling is wrong or there is something missing, the bot isn't yet capable enough to jump to the appropriate conclusion.

When in doubt, ask a member of the Mod Squad for help!

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HOT TIP: check out the role progress map below - somefrog found it floating around the sewer system in Frogland, and it's been invaluable... 👇

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