Chapter 6

The Golden Lily

The adventurers continue their investigation into Jimmy "The Kneeโ€™s" murder. All signs pointing to the Golden Lily club, a swanky club reserved only for the rich and famous of NewPangea. Over the radio, the adventurers hear a report: The second Hypnotoad has woken up... and has transformed intoโ€ฆJack The Ribbit! Bring in the other Jack The Ribbit ASAP!

As the adventurers arrive at the Golden Lily, they are greeted by a tall frog in a tailored suit who helps the frogs out of the coach and immediately instructs them to put blindfolds on, without any questions. The frogs are led through the woods and underground, to the main entrance of the Golden Lily. Two well dressed but tough looking guards stand tall, addressing the frogs, โ€œTickets?โ€.

Missy uses her pretty eyes to charm her way into the Lily with the rest of the adventurers. The crew is informed by the coat attendant that not only is it masquerade night, but they need to pass initiation to be given entry. The crew places their masks on and are told to pick one of three doors, EXCESS, SEDUCTION, or COURAGE. The adventurers decide to spread out.

Door Excess contains a table lined with an hourglass which is counting down time, 7 rolled items appearing to be smokeable, as well as several beverages. Sammy the Bullfrog smokes several of the items and enjoys quite a few beverages and passes out shortly after. The rest of the adventurers remain sober enough to wait out the clock and pass through.

Door Seduction contains several of the most exotic scandalous dancers youโ€™ve ever seen, not a bad sight indeed. The Mad Frogger keels over in blissful joy, as he was the only one to take this path.

Door Courage reveals several spinning saw blades on the ground, with the door immediately locking behind those who enter. The only way through seems to be dodging the blades, with any misstep leading to severe injury. The adventurers dodge, duck, dive, dip, and dodge their way through the blades and across the room.

The attendant congratulates the adventurers as enough of them have passed the trials and invites all to join the party, where smooth jazz plays in the background, drinks are flying around, and people in masks are seemingly enjoying themselves. The adventurers eye everyone at the party, all who seem to look suspicious in one manner or another. The party sees three empty seats to a card game, as well as a door guarded by two big guards with heavy machine guns. El Sapo has a decent line of credit and buys some frogs into the game, which appears to be Froglet Holdโ€™em. While playing the party overhears some frogs talking in the corner โ€œYou know itโ€™s $1 million to enter the hall of secrets, right?โ€ El Sapo, being a fantastic cards player, clears the table and rakes in a total of $1.5 million!!! An unbelievable turn of luck. El Sapo buys himself and Ed into the Hall of Secrets, hoping to find any clue bringing them back to what happened to Jimmy. Meanwhile the other adventurers start a fight which distracts the guards long enough for the rest of the adventurers to sneak into the Hall.

The adventurers enter the hall filled with black crystals, all seeming to whisper in hushed voices. A sign advises them not to touch the walls as they hold sounds from days past. The party hears all sorts of rumors about the goings on in Frogland, cheating wives, bad trade deals, but Froggy Fresh, having always had a keen ear, hears specifically โ€œLET'S GET THESE TWO SHMUCKS TO DO THE DEED, THEY WON"T EVEN REMEMBER IF WE DO IT RIGHT - JIMMY WON'T SEE IT COMING!!!โ€

Just the clue they needed! The crew heads back out towards the hall, only to see a gang of FBI agents have invaded the party, maskless and all. Director SAIC Agent BlackDot, croaking at the top of his lungs, โ€œI Hereby issue arrest warrants for Hypnotoad, The Mad Frogger, Jack The Ribbit and Sammy The BullFrog!โ€

The investigation went on for weeks, dragged out by the FBI who were teaching the adventurers a lesson. Donโ€™t ask too many questions in Frogland, things are better left undiscovered. With that information cemented into their head, they were all released with no charges. Will Jimmyโ€™s killers ever be discovered? More importantly, will the people who paid the killers ever be discovered? The mysterious murder of Frogland may never be solvedโ€ฆ

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