Chapter 3

Jimmy's Second Body

Jimmy the Knee, the infamous Gang Leader, had his SECOND body discovered. How could that be? The adventurers banded together again to investigate the new scene, a forest surrounding them.

The adventurers encounter glowing pink mushrooms. Desperate for a clue, they pick up and examine the ominous mushrooms. As the frogs toy around with the mushrooms, four giant skeletons appear, ready to attack the frogs!

While the frogs launched their attacks on the skeletons in an attempt to protect themselves. CroakMcFrogcahin, a powerful sorcerer, conjured up a red force field to surround the crew, which the skeletons couldnโ€™t penetrate. In the haste of trying to find an exit, the crew find a stone structure, with a crypt entrance surrounded by those same pink mushrooms. They hear a faint calling from the crypt, but who could it be? The frogs decide to head down to the crypt, guided by the light illuminating from the mushrooms. The crypt leads in two directions, and the frogs decide (perhaps to their detriment) to split up.

In one hallway, Froggy Fresh and CroakMcFrogcahin enter a room with gold coins and two gold bowls, one with a TREASURE inscription and the other TRUTH. The door behind them slams shut, locking them in. The frogs decide to pour all of the gold into the truth bowl, hoping it will set them free. The door opens and one of the most beautiful frog lady ghost the frogs have ever seen appears! The spirit has been trapped in the room of greed for centuries, and is appreciative of the frog adventurers. She grants them three questions. The first question was โ€œDid you see what happened to Jimmy the Knee outside the crypt the night his body fell dead in the forest?โ€ to which the spirit replied that she did. The frogsโ€™ second question asked if she could describe what happened to Jimmy, to which the spirit replied, โ€œIt was the strangest thing - his face changed into a whole other frog for a moment - then back to himself then he fell over deadโ€. The final question the frogs asked was if there was anywhere else to look for more clues, to which the spirit mentioned to check with the alchemists guild.

Meanwhile down the other hallway, El Sapo and Ed find a hidden wine cellar, with a person handcuffed to a wall appearing to be asleep. The frogs debate shooting him but choose to throw a rock at him instead, and the man wakes up asking โ€œWhat did you do that for?โ€. He appears to be a river frog, a pirate of sorts around these parts. The frogs ask how the river frog got there, receiving the reply โ€œAyyyyyyy I dons remember, I was on a smugglas route, sumthin bout sum Ganju blood trade goin on - good moneyโ€. The frogs wonder what is so important about this Ganju blood, whatโ€™s the significance of it and who gave the river frog the job, to which the river frog replied โ€œI don' know who gave me the job - but it came through the underground telegraph from one of the most respected smuggler codes around - usually means a sure thing! But I was hoodwinked! Bee-trayed!โ€.

The adventurers threaten the river frog and find out there were two big players who hired him, and paid him significantly to not ask any questions.

The adventurers come together and exit the crypt, quickly making their way to the alchemists guildโ€ฆ

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