The Essence of the Notorious Frogs.

The Frogs have their own type of token emission — Essence — that can only be obtained from a Notorious Frog. Frogs have a strong attachment to their metaphysical selves — to an essential nature they attach to a past version of who they evolved from. The Frogs have a long history of believing they were delivered to Frogland by visitors who came from far beyond the sky — from the lights above that shimmer in the clarity of night. There are many Frogs who identify who they are by where they believe they came from.

The different types of Frog Essence are based on the boost type of the Frog. Further, the level of the boost determines the quantity or frequency of the essence __ token emission from that specific Frog.

For example: a Frog with an Acidic +2 boost might receive Acidic Essence tokens at a higher rate or frequency than an Frog that has no boosts for Acidity.

These emitted essence tokens — in addition to any tokens emitted by the land — will be usable to craft in-game items. An important detail is that the essences themselves are NOT craftable. This means certain items will only be possible to generate via crafting that requires tokens which are obtainable only from a Frog.

Essence is available either by owning and gathering the essence from your own frog, or, if you are frogless, Essence can be traded or purchased from a Froghodlr. Land alone or a non-Frog avatar occupying land will not have access to items that require Frog ownership.

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