Escape. Challenge. Opportunity.

Metaverses offer a multidimensional emotional experience. Part of the Frogland Team's approach is to use the discord server as a platform to test the ideas that form the pillars of Frogland Zone of the NewPangea metaverse. What we learned is that there are many folks out there who not only want a place to go with things to do, but who enjoy the process of developing Frogland's stories, culture, mood, and activity. Although most people may not have the time or the inclination to contribute to the blueprint we are continuously presenting to our game development studio partner, those who do are finding that Frogland isn't just an NFT project, but an opportunity to exercise creative muscles and to influence what the metaverse experience will be by to a true family whose ideas have heavily influenced the entire project and how creativity is discovered and utilized.

Our foremost aim has been to recognize and cultivate the kind of experience that arises from community interaction and activity. The gambling games programmed in our discord's casino were the direct cause of seven strangers forming a partnership. These magnificent seven began as internet friends and quickly became a collective influence on shaping the experience on the discord.

The Nazar Frogs, a self-organized subgroup, believing the casino in the discord was for sale, became focused on amassing in-game money from gambling. In response, we quickly developed our second in-channel RPG with a quest for them to take the next step: obtaining the license from the Frogland Gaming Commissioner. This back and forth between us and our community became a rapidly evolving beta-test of working quickly with them to expand their experience beyond the simple but compelling grind of casino gambling. Our dungeon master architected the quest, we refined the narrative and when the Nazar had 10Million F*Bucks, the game was ready. Everyone had a blast, and we generated more lore and utility concepts that are now being integrated into the construction of the Frogland zone of the NewPangea metaverse.

This process of turning ideas into canon quickly became the standard for how singular ideas can be pushed through the beta-tester of our discord to map new pathways. Using tools like our narrative-based FRPG, discord games/bots/economy, and audio channels, we can code the framework for newcomers to climb the same ladder of inspiration and creativity, without needing to build an entirely new metaverse in which to keep their new idea. This, in addition to Frogland's economy and it's link to real world cryptocurrencies and digital assets, will allow newcomers a means by which to catch up and join the pioneers, without feeling like they have been left behind. This framework gives our canvas shape and structure, adding clarity to the mood given by the colors.

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