đŸ“ģThe Frogland Computational Toadex

The Notorious Frogs' 10k Land Synthesis Devices (LSDs), model number 420.

Official OpenSea page: https://opensea.io/collection/frogland-computational-toadex

Interactions Between Frogs, LSDs, and their LilyPADs

The relationship between a Land Synthesis Device (LSD) and a Plot of Land is different from the relationship between a Notorious Frog and a LSD. When a Land Device is assigned to a specific Plot of Land, the Plot of Land and the Device NFT become linked and will travel together when sold — however not necessarily forever because it will be possible to reassign a Device a different plot of land by interacting with the appropriate Planning Commission.

Check out the Lore and Canonsection to learn more about the The Land Synthesis Device and Our Forgotten Past.

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