🎮Discord 101

Everything you need to know about Discord servers.

Discord is a communication platform usually used by gamers to chat to each other while playing. With the rise of web3, Discord has found more uses: NFT projects typically open a server for their community members where they can communicate between the team, community, and others in a single location. Check out this link from Discord for more information on getting started.


Each channel is named based on a certain topic of discussion or engagement, and are shown on the left side bar. These are used for text or voice based discussions.


A thread is a side conversation started off of the original channel topic, generally by a community member. These can be seen by clicking the # button on the navigation bar either at the top or right side (depending on desktop or mobile). These will normally disappear after a few days of inactivity, but can be re-opened by a mod or team member.

Pinned Messages

Pinned messages are akin to publicly saving a message in a specific Discord channel. This is frequently used to keep important information easily accessible without disrupting the conversation. Check out the pinned messages in different channels by clicking the thumbtack icon in the top navigation bar, or on the right side panel on mobile to learn more!

Developer Mode

To help the Mod Squad take action against trolls, scammers, or spammers, we may ask for the Discord Username and User ID. Usernames are easy to locate, but can be changed or impersonated. A User ID is static and cannot be changed, but is only visible in Developer Mode.

Developer Mode is located in User Settings > Advanced (under App Settings) > Developer Mode. After activating Developer Mode, right-click on a Discord Username and select Copy ID.


Notifications can be customized - from turning a server's notifications on (or off), all the way down to individual channels and threads. To learn more on how to customize your notifications, go here.

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