Frogland Toadex
Metaverse Iterations
The current iterations and clients hosting our metaverse as we build together and release in stages.

This is a downloadable thick client available on both Mac and PC, available to holders only at this time. This multiplayer demo has live instancing, 'find a friend' password protected instances for private rooms, and the ability to host an event where the speaker/host can broadcast out to all instances. This features continual updates, patches, and support as we continue to build out more and more of the metaverse.
A longer format playthrough of the Dragonfly Social Club.

The Frogland discord is being pushed to the limit as we beta test lore, narrative, gameplay mechanics, the economy, and more. This is the easiest way to get involved and begin to put your mark onto the world as we develop it further into the 3D world.
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