A guild, but make it notorious.

The syndicates are the natural progression of gangs with interests beyond the social layer. Traditionally, these are called โ€˜guildsโ€™ in other Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORGs). A syndicate is formed by successfully progressing through the gangโ€™s FRPG storyline, then working with the Frog Team to define what exactly the syndicateโ€™s area of interest is. In the present and near future, this includes how they can help develop and create the game and world โ€” but in the further future it will also have gameplay mechanics similar to the Planning Commission.

Learn how bribes through a syndicate work with the Planning Commission here.

For example, the Nazar Frogs, HipHOP Anonymous, and the Magic Guild began as gangs but have progressed through their storyline such that they now have their own syndicate, or are in the process of formalizing one. The Nazar Frogs make up their social layer, while the Aquatica Casino is run by their syndicate, managing the in-game gambling and assisting with the economic balance of the world. The HipHOP Anonymous Gang has launched their syndicate of Sapo Studios, a music production studio offering their services to community members in Frogland and IRL. Similarly, the Magic Guildโ€™s syndicate is currently developing the crafting and magical mechanics of the gameplay alongside the Frog Team.

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These are just a few examples of gangs and their syndicates and how they can be utilized not only to build out Frogland, but to develop beyond the simple 10k membership package of the Notorious Frogs, and get involved on a much deeper level.

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