Horny's Angels

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

DISCLAIMER: This page is for adults ONLY. Not mature adults. This is the place for all things sick and twisted!!! Everything posted in here is all in good fun. If you are sensitive to adult themes, childish and sexual jokes/innuendos, or you just have thin skin, then THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR YOU.

It is NEVER appropriate to bother, harass, or disrespect any frog in any way here (or anywhere else for that matter). We are a biker gang and we ALWAYS look out for other members.

Hornys Angels accepts frogs of all shapes and sizes. There are no trait or skill requirements to join.

We will establish club rules and anyone that breaks the rules will be appropriately disciplined. (Lose rank or banned)

This motor club is going to be established and operated just like real life Motorcycle Clubs. There will be different levels of importance and responsibility based on the rank or position one holds in the club. IRL skills and/or abilities will help with your ranking. The more you can bring to the club, the higher your rank will be initially.

There will be different layers to this Motor Club:

The Horny Toadz Stripclub - Our base of operations and marketplace to sell our merch. Place where we can have special events.

Outside club operations - Where we perform notorious tasks (mercenary duties), interact with other clubs/guilds, and market the club (Frogland itself and social media)

Club/gang collabs - There is one major collaboration that is already determined. (Info given to vested members only)


Prospect - A frog that has a desire to join the club. Does menial tasks for the club and its members for a period of time until it is decided that the frog in question is loyal, dependable, and knows how to keep his/her mouth shut. (Tasks to be decided and voted upon later)

Vested Member - A frog that has earned his/her Hornys Angels MC vest (officially recognized member) No longer has to do menial shitty tasks for the club. Follows the orders of officers and helps keep the prospects in line.

Enforcers - A vested frog that carries out the physical โ€œdirty workโ€ for the club. Hired mercenary to guide frogs through the game or help beat opponents

Road Captain - Manages lower ranks. Passes down orders from above and makes sure that those orders are followed. Stronger mercenary duties.

Sergeant At Arms - Handles all physical contraband and weapons for the club. Distributes arms and equipment as necessary. Fully responsible for his/her Road Captains performance

Vice President - Reports to the President only. Fully responsible for giving orders to the Sergeant of Arms and making sure that they are followed to a T.

President - Horny the Toadโ€ฆ Responsible for making sure the Vice President is handling business and being AWESOME AS FUCK!!!

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