Merchants of Mayhem

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

As the saying goes, some frogs just want to see the world burn. Such is the case for the Merchants of Mayhem. Nobody really knows how they got started, but rumor has it that Quincy P. Hops founded the gang after robbing Brain Van Hopperson in the casino. He then put his ill-gotten gains into a massively successful cockfighing ring.

The Merchants donโ€™t seem to want anything at all... Except riches and Plum Brandy. If wealth beyond your wildest dreams is what youโ€™re after, you too can purchase the Qhops Wealth Program to learn this fool-proof, 3-point plan.

For the Merchants of Mayhem, life seems to center on that delicious Plum Brandy. Only the finest is available from Quarter Horse Stillers. When they get into that firewater, all hell breaks loose. Theyโ€™ll drink a couple, then burn a couple as molotov cocktails just for giggles.

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