The Grim Leapers

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

The Grim Leapers are the most notorious biker gang in Frogland; possibly in all of NewPangeaโ€ฆ

Other gangs have been warned to never refer to their bikes as 'Roadfrogs' unless the Leapers have serviced them, otherwise it might be the last thing they doโ€ฆ Apparently, they're not Toadworthy. It's the biker version of a protection racketโ€ฆ

Due to their somewhat unique status as conduits between some of the biggest gangs of each district, they run guns and all illicit items considered contraband. You go to them, but good luck if you double cross them... Entire gangs have disappeared overnight when a good deal goes bad.

Their legitimate front is mechanics. They even hold the contract to build, equip, and maintain the Frogland Battlefly armada, further tying them to Toadmas Shilby and his alleged operations with the so called Peacocky Blinders. Perhaps they are key to finding the Blinders' connection to Peacocks of Pangea?

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