Frogland Toadex

The Store, Items, & Inventory

Buying and using items from the store for role upgrades, crafting, and more.
Allows you to flip through the store's items available for purchase
Shows you your current inventory of items available.
Command Variations
  • $inv - shorthand
  • $inv [username] - checks a specific user's inventory
$item-info [item name]
Shows you the description of the item, how much it costs, what it does, and any other pertinent information.
Example: $item-info quil
$buy [item name]
Self explanatory. You need to have the appropriate amount of cash on hand to both purchase and use an item. This is listed in $item-info!
Example: $buy easel
$use [item name]
Using an item will generally get you a role, or allow you to progress in your gameplay. However, new gameplay mechanics may not work quite the same way as previously...You need to have the appropriate amount of cash on hand to both purchase and use an item.
Example: $use revolver
$sell [item name]
You can sell items in your inventory to other users to make some frog dollars. After you input the command with the item name, quantity, and who you're selling to, the bot will ask you for a price. These items can be from the Frog Team or $store inventory, or you can talk to Lollihops to create custom items for her to add to the store, or add to your inventory to sell. Make sure the person you're intending to sell to is around - the sale deals expire in 5 minutes!!
Feeling generous? You can also give someone an item for free using the same command! Just set the price to 0 when you sell.
Example: $sell-item @Bullish Frog 5 Fish Scale
Be cautious - using an item can have a lasting effect! Some items may award a role, but others may remove one. Some items may open up access to new channels, while other items may only be able to be used once. Others still may allow the user to give a different bot command, but for a short time period.

Check out the ever-updating items available for purchase from the store (or local bar) here!

Try the command $role-map, or $role-income list, or $item-info [item name] in discord!