Frogland Toadex


Record of official collectives formed within Frogland.
Gangs make up the social layer of gameplay. At any point, any Froghodlr can hop into the discord and ping Lollihops or a mod to start their own gang, complete with a private chat room and role. Similarly, joining a gang is pretty easy — some gangs have requirements or an initiation ritual to join, but typically it’s more of a matter of asking than anything else. You can find a continually updating list of gangs with their public lore and information to explore here.
Gangs can be formed around anything: the traits of the frogs, boosts or clothing, or something more abstract; a shared goal or interest, even friendship — or a common enemy. No matter how they start, the gangs play an important role in community building.
Gang and syndicate memberships are not mutually exclusive or inclusive. Users can join as many gangs as they would like, or none. Being a member of one gang does not mean that you have to be a member of that syndicate, or preclude you from supporting another syndicate.