Frogland Toadex

The Pillars of the Metaverse

The pillars that we stand for and build from. How we have utilized these ideals in Frogland and are building out from them is discussed further in themes.

Community and Socially Driven

Lore and Content

In some projects, fan fiction can eventually gather enough response and momentum that it becomes canon. In Frogland, we want to flip the script and help all community creators write their own ideas and inspiration into Frogland's lore and gameplay. Similarly, we want the same for our partner projects - to be able to create a space that is absolutely dripping with proof of both individual's and community's ideas, aesthetics, and history.

Creative Spaces

We also want to make sure that NewPangea has room to grow, both itself and for up and coming individuals and collectives. Our Arts District will have individual and collective galleries for artists, as well places where newcomers can meet and network. With these galleries and in other storefront or production options, art can be created, sold, and traded within the NewPangea interface, improving the reach of artists and making their line of communication with their audience even easier and more clear.

Tokenomics and Trading

The NewPangea economy is designed with fairness in mind. Our goal is to develop a rich ecosystem of items and materials that enhance the experience of NewPangea without becoming a "grind". At the center of the economic system is a barter economy focused on collaboration and cooperation between players to achieve individual and group objectives. As quests and storylines are added, new items can be created and are made available through a variety of play mechanics so that everyone has an opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of NewPangea. No matter if you are a new user or a long-time resident of NewPangea, there is always something new to discover.

Adventure in a Quirky World

NewPangea is the ultimate mash up of a totally open world for socializing, networking and creation, as well as a narrative based, adventuring quest-driven game. This blend of blank slate and continually iterating inspiration is something that will allow for continual growth and new experiences upon every interaction.

Social Entertainment

For a metaverse to be a viable location where people want to congregate, there needs to be a good balance of entertainment options and activities that they can partake in similar to real life. You would rarely go to an empty room to stand there with your friends, but you would go to a winery where you could listen to music, chat with your friends and strangers, buy drinks, and maybe even go on a haunted hay ride through the vineyard. We are building NewPangea based around the content that our community generates and based on the games, environments, and interactions they enjoy, all being beta-tested in our discord right from the beginning.

Adventuring Activities

The questing system is based off of several storylines and built in an open-world format so that creative inspiration can naturally occur. Branching off from existing quests to create your own, playing through quests repeatedly for different achievements, or even taking different actions along the same quest are all examples of how each interaction will be unique to the users and choices made in that instance. Similarly, the storyline-driven and gamified side of NewPangea will be there for interaction and meeting new people from not only within that zone or district, but from others as well. This will help encourage cross-pollination between partner projects, which will in turn further expand the audience and users of crypto and NFTs.