Dragonfly Gang

The lore and frogs behind this gang.

How The Frogs Got Their Dragonflies

The story begins as the frog group approaches the sand dunes and spot the water. While all the frogs frantically ran down to the small pool of water (minus the Magical Ones who stood above all in observance), there was a small unnoticed group of frogs that neither panicked with the one group nor stood looking down with the other.

They stood somewhere in the middle, looking down at the unknowing, scared and panicked horde, and then up at the smirking, giggling Magical Ones. Then they looked at each other. They saw in each other's eyes what they were feeling in their own hearts.

Something truly magical and wondrous was about to happen.

So in the chaos they stood unnoticed. So too went unnoticed the tiny little creatures crawling out of the pond and onto the reeds which sprouted from the water. Nor the writhing of these tiny nymphs as they struggled to free themselves. But free themselves they did and in one magnificent burst they took wing and ascended into the sky.

Still the drama below unfolded. The winged creatures flew and looked about in panic. For they had formulated a plan having waited a very long time for the frogs to finally arrive and fulfill the prophecy. Surely this was not the group they had waited so long for.

They seemed angry and desperate, not ready for the gift. They noticed the group on the hill looking down and smirking and looking all too self-important. Yes, they were wise - but would they appreciate what the winged creatures had to offer?

Then something made them turn and look to a group of upraised faces. Faces that saw them. Faces of expectation and knowing. Faces that began to smile. They flew down to this small group of frogs and one by one landed on each frog's head. As the silent conversations progressed between dragonfly and frog, the smiles widened until it spilled out into joyous laughter. Then silence. Then tears. The dragonflies were showing their frogs what was to come. Both joyous and sad, many secrets were revealed to the frogs.

The dragonflies were also securing their own legacy. You see, dragonflies live a very short life once they leave the water and, well - as everyone knows the frogs are immortal. So they forged a deal - a partnership. They did this knowing in the future some frogs would clothe themselves and leave the springs, thus giving up and forgetting their past. If the frogs would permit a symbiotic relationship with the dragonflies, the dragonflies would enable the frogs to clothe themselves and travel freely outside of the springs, but they would never forget the past. In return, the dragonflies would become immortal.

The Dragonfly Social Club

This towering brick building at the heart of the bustling Central Business District is believed to be one of the oldest and hottest clubs in Frogland. The owner, who has a reputation for doing just about anything in the pursuit of profitability, suddenly and inexplicably announced his retirement. News spread that the building would be auctioned.

Whether to get their webbed hands on the coveted deeds, or simply to scoop up the stash of illegal weapons and croakaine said to be stowed somewhere in the secret passages, frogs came from near and far to place offers. Despite pooling their resources, the Dragonfly Gang were outbid by the Order of the Medallion, a mysterious fringe organization. Relying on intel gathered by their swift and stealthy dragonflies, the Dragonfly Gang found out that the Order of the Medallion had no intention of managing the Club, but instead planned to demolish it immediately after purchase.

The Dragonfly Gang will have to get notorious if they want to save the Dragonfly Social Club from destruction and preserve a piece of Frogland history.

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